Sam Houston State University

Recreational Sports Center (RSC)

The Recreational Sports Center (RSC) is considered "home" for Recreational Sports. It is used for all program areas. The HKC houses 4 basketball/6 volleyball/12 badminton courts, aerobics/multipurpose room, 1/8 mile indoor running track, 10 racquetball courts, weight room (free weights/machine weights/cardiovascular equipment), locker rooms, and an equipment check-out area. All these activity areas are available on a drop-in / informal basis during our operational hours.

801 Bowers Blvd #162 Huntsville, Texas 77340


(936) 294-1985


Upcoming Events

High Fitness with Rec Sports

HIGH Fitness is simple, intense, and fun! HIGH takes old-school fitness to the next level with modern fitness techniques such as interval training,...

11/12 5:15pm
Barre Toning

Meet us at the barre and experience a fun full-body workout that incorporates yoga and pilates to strengthen, tone, and stretch. This is far from a dance...

11/12 5:30pm
Boulder Bash

Come to climb the newest and freshest bouldering problems on our blue wall. Whether you compete against yourself or others, a fun time will be had by...

11/12 6pm
Pilates-Yoga Fusion

Strengthen and tone your entire body in this fast-paced class that combines exercises from pilates and yoga. Come work your way to sculpted abs, increased...

11/12 6:30pm
Yoga with Recreational Sports

This mind-body class does more than improve flexibility. Gain balance, core strength, muscular strength and endurance, and leave feeling relaxed. Mondays -...

11/12 7:15pm

Recent Events

Barre Toning


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Terrie Hemphill-Rhodes

Terrie Hemphill-Rhodes left a positive review 6/16/2019

Thank you for a great workout!

Terrie Hemphill-Rhodes

Terrie Hemphill-Rhodes left a positive review 6/9/2019

The instructor was fabulous!

Jason Hall

Jason Hall left a positive review 9/9/2019

It was great

Whitney Bunce

Whitney Bunce left a positive review 8/19/2019

I liked the event but felt like the free food should not have been cookies. It could have been a healthier option

Robert Sharp

Robert Sharp left a positive review 7/16/2019

This training is very helpful. A wonderful event to attend.

Adam Lang

Adam Lang left a positive review 7/13/2019

Such an important and useful training!

Russell Campbell

Russell Campbell left a positive review 7/13/2019

Great Training! This is very useful!

James Cameron

James Cameron left a positive review 7/10/2019

Great and helpful training. Keep it up!

Greg Ward

Greg Ward left a positive review 7/5/2019

This training is very helpful and useful.

ATX Epoxy Flooring

ATX Epoxy Flooring left a positive review 7/3/2019

Great training! This is very helpful.