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Senior Studio: Dance Concert

Almost Free – a collection of diverse works choreographed by fifteen senior dance majors in  partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in Dance.   Each  senior has created an original piece of choreography that they have set on other fellow  undergraduate students in the dance department. Almost Free features a wide variety of  concepts and artistic voices, so there will surely be something for everyone. Highlights from this  concert will include:    New Within the Old, choreographed by Reagan Lynch, is inspired by her recent trip to Japan and  the harmonious juxtaposition of traditional and modern images, architecture, and culture that  she experienced in the cities of Kobe, Kyoto, and Osaka. The environment includes 1000 paper  cranes hanging in strands above the stage and audience, which she sees as a symbol of  traditional Japanese culture persisting in modern day Japan.    Phalanx, created by Luke Smith,   explores protection, vulnerability, the value of togetherness,  and the limitations of individualism. It is inspired by phalanx, a military formation developed in  ancient Greece that emphasized teamwork and to defeat opposing forces. The intense and  moody piece manipulates pilates boxes as shields throughout the entirety of the piece.      For Your Amusement… But Not Really, choreographed by Carlee Sachs-­‐Crook, is inspired by the  talking circles formed in the 1960s that largely contributed to the Women’s Liberation  Movement. The piece explores the nature and effects of the male gaze. To enhance the  experience, the piece breaks the fourth wall between the audience and performers.      Our Eternal Hunt, created by Emily Robison, explores certain aspects of absurdism, a philosophy  defined by Albert Camus and exemplified in his novel The Plague and his essay The Myth of  Sisyphus. The piece consists of fourteen female dancers who are seemingly unrelated, but  through the commonality of suffering and the search for true meaning are brought together to  realize that we, as humans, are all the same.    

Saturday, November 10, 2018 at 8:00pm to 10:00pm

James and Nancy Gaertner Performing Arts Center, Dance Theater
815 17th St., Huntsville, Texas, 77341

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Arts, Entertainment & Performances, Dance


College of Fine Arts & Mass Communication, Department of Dance


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