Sam Houston State University

Mathematics & Statistics Colloquium

Understanding the Mathematical Knowledge Needed for Teaching Future Teachers

Priya V. Prasad (University of Texas at San Antonio)

Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching (MKT), as defined by Deborah Ball and her colleagues, includes aspects of knowledge that goes beyond disciplinary knowledge of mathematics. But what kinds of knowledge do mathematics teacher educators (MTEs) need to have in order to successfully teach mathematics to future teachers? This talk will explore some of the aspects of mathematical knowledge that is necessary for anyone charged with the mathematical education of future teachers. I will present some of the findings of a study in which a group of MTEs investigated our own MKT as we design and facilitate lessons for our students (who are future teachers). This study was situated in a larger ongoing project aimed at developing a comprehensive set of lessons (i.e. a curriculum) made up of mathematical tasks that address known areas of conceptual diculty for PSTs in elementary mathematics content courses and deepen their understandings of key mathematical ideas for teaching elementary mathematics.



Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 2:00pm to 2:50pm

Lee Drain Building, 402


College of Sciences, Department of Mathematics and Statistics


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