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Homecoming King and Queen Application

Are you interested in being crowned SHSU's Homecoming King or Queen?  Be sure to visit the Homecoming website to get the application form!  Contact 936-294-3861 if you have questions!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018 to 6:30pm

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Maryanna Partlow

Maryanna Partlow left a negative review 9/16/2018

I didn't go because there is no understanding of anything I didn't know it was something to go to. I kept clicking on the link and it just kept bringing me to a useless page that didn't explain anything. It didn't tell me that I was supposed to go up to do an application in person. Even if I had known that it didn't tell me where how or give absolutely any details of anything. It didn't explain the qualifications for homecoming queen or anything else. Now matter how I tried to look it up on the sam houston website nothing showed up but the stupid event link which told me nothing. so yeah basically pointless.