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Monday, June 6

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Students anticipating to graduate August 2022 must file a degree application online through MySam by Monday, June 6. Learn how to apply.

Intramural NBA 2K League

Everyone loves March Madness, so why not continue that into April by participating in our NBA2K League? Platforms: Xbox & Playstation Register online...

Virtual Event
SHSU Middle School Band Camp

The Junior High School Band Camp is a unique opportunity for young woodwind, brass, and percussion players to experience the band experience outside of their...

SHSU Logo. White SH on tilted orange square.

Notes: - Dropping full schedule constitutes a resignation, not a drop - Limitation of Q Drops at Sam Houston State University - Add, drop and resignation...

Group Fitness Total Body Training

This full-body workout increases muscular strength and endurance, targeting all the main muscle groups utilizing a variety of strength equipment including...

Yoga with Recreational Sports

This mind-body class does more than improve flexibility. Gain balance, core strength, muscular strength, and endurance. Leave class feeling relaxed and...

Monday, June 6