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Thursday, September 3

Cayuse IACUC Trainings

Does your research involve work with live vertebrate animals? Need assistance with submitting your protocol in the new Cayuse IACUC submission system? The...

Virtual Event
Hard CORE with Recreational Sports

Strengthen and sculpt your core muscles in this hardcore ab workout. This class is great by itself or in addition to another workout. Classes are...

Virtual Event
GRE Prep: Verbal Reasoning

Join us for a free prep for the Verbal Reasoning portion of the GRE. This free event and will take place virtually on Sept. 3rd from 5pm-9pm. If you have...

Virtual Event
Pilates with Recreational Sports

Strengthen and tone your entire body in this fast-paced class that combines exercises from pilates and yoga. Come work your way to sculpted abs, increased...

Intramural NFL Skills Combine

Get a work out just like the pros! With an all in one combination that takes into account speed, agility, throwing accuracy, catching ability and footwork....

Barre Toning

Meet us at the barre and experience a fun full-body workout that incorporates yoga and pilates to strengthen, tone, and stretch. This is far from a dance...

Virtual Event
Sex in the Dark

A Q&A panel answering student's anonymous questions about sex, sexual health, and relationships. Presented by the Office of Health Promotion Part of OHP's...

Virtual Event
Cycle with Recreational Sports

This indoor cycling class consists of varying speeds, resistance levels, and intensities targeted at raising your heart rate and strengthening your lower...

Thursday, September 3