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Wednesday, July 8

PC Cutest Pet Contest

The SHSU Program Council presents the PC Cutest Pet Contest! Between Monday, July 6th and Tuesday, July 7th, current or new SHSU students are invited to...

Virtual Event
Must register BEFORE July 7th, 2020

This workshop series is ideal for any individual, department or organization on campus and will be organized into 3 sessions - Defining Racism, Bias & Racial...

Virtual Event
From An"Other" Point of View

Historically underrepresented populations’ stories and points of views have not been heard or valued and at times their humanity has been questioned. With...

Virtual Event
A woman on a yoga mat facing away from the camera with her hands meeting behind her back. Her knees are spread apart in a deep stretch with her toes touching.

This mind-body class does more than improve flexibility. Gain balance, core strength, muscular strength, and endurance. Leave class feeling relaxed and...

10 Rounds. A man who appears to be yelling, wearing boxing gloves and a t-shirt throwing a punch.

Gloves aren’t a fashion statement in this high-intensity interval training workout. Your instructor will lead you through explosive rounds where you will...

Wednesday, July 8