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Tuesday, June 2

Deadline for Summer 2020 Degree Applications

Students anticipating graduating in August 2020 must file degree applications in the Registrar's Office by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, June 2. Learn how to apply.

Fourth Class Day Summer I Term - Last Day to Drop Without a "Q" by 11:59 PM and Receive 100% Refund

Notes: - Students will not be permitted to drop Summer I courses after this date - they will receive the grade they have earned - Dropping full schedule...

Intramural Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Online Tournament

Play just like the pros! With settings and games played using the Call of Duty League settings you are guaranteed an authentic matchup! Participate in the...

Virtual Event
Barre Toning

Meet us at the barre and experience a fun full-body workout that incorporates yoga and pilates to strengthen, tone, and stretch. This is far from a dance...

Virtual Event

This mind-body class does more than improve flexibility. Gain balance, core strength, muscular strength, and endurance. Leave class feeling relaxed and...

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Tuesday, June 2